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Shamim Hoque, The owner and founder of WebAdventurous.com, is very addictive to the internet and Web technology. He started his freelancing career from 2011 and he is successful in his field. He started with some basic task and he has learned a lot about web sites and web design. He is still learning and he is confident to his aim. As he started from the scratch, he has good idea about different fields of online jobs. He get familiar with some other friends and freelancer and decided to run a serious business. So we are the united freelancers under his guidelines.

Biography of Shamim Hoque

  • Name: Shamim Hoque
  • Birthday: 17 March, 1991
  • Blood Group: O [+ve]
  • Religion: Islam
  • Father’s Name: Late Safir Uddin
  • Mother’s Name: Mst. Sheuly Begum
  • Facebook: shamim.hoque1
  • Google plus: +ShamimHoque
  • Skype: shamim.hoque
  • Permanent Address: 198- Jhaljhali, Tepukuria, Boda, Panchagrah- 5010, Bangladesh
  • Present Address: House-20, Rongdhonu Residential Area, Binodpur, Rajshahi- 6206, Bangladesh

Primary Education of Shamim Hoque

Shamim Hoque’s father was a service holder at RDRS Bangladesh, so he was living at Lalmanirhat, Bangladesh. There he just admitted in the primary school and then moved to his own village Jhaljhali at Panchagarh district. He then got admitted “Gono Sahajjo Songstha School”. He completed his class four and then the school got closed. Again he got admitted another primary school “Mohajonpara Govt. Primary School” to complete class five, completion of primary education. He was a meritorious boy and all teachers loved him very much. He got primary school scholarship.

High School Life

Shamim Hoque got the same affection from his high school teacher and brilliantly completed high school with GPA 5.00 . He also got “Junior school scholarship” in class eight.

College Life

He also completed his college education from “Pathraj College” with GPA 5.00. Here his life get tough to continue his education. He was determined to do a job for his family but for his father desire and inspiration from his mother he had to continue his study further. His father wanted he should be a doctor.

University Life

Shamim failed to get admitted in a medical college. Finally he got admitted in Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. He was a student from science background and started studying Biochemistry and molecular biology. For his family condition he had to earn money for him and his family. Ultimately he lost concentration from the study. He obtained the graduation with an average CGPA. He has finish his post graduate on the same discipline of the honors degree.

Personal and family life of Shamim Hoque

They are 2 brothers, 1 sister and 1 mother. His father died in 1999 when he was in class three. His father was a cancer patient. For his father’s treatment near all of the properties was sold but luck deprived Shamim from the affection of a father.

Future and career of Shamim Hoque

He has the most desire of independent life and he do not want to do job under someone. He loves to draw pictures of dream from the heart. He want freelancing and blogging as his future career. As he has the experience of poor children and family, he has a dream to help those. He has expectation to run a organization to help them and want to serve him as a social doctor as he failed to fulfill his father desire of being a charitable doctor.

Purpose of this site (webadventurous.com)

Both providing services and articles and guidelines to help people all over the world. Please consider reading How to use and get benefit from Web Adventurous.