How I got Adsense Account Approved and How you can too

Adsense account approval is a big confusing and hard issue among the publishers. I was also in a hard work to get Adsense account approved. In this article I will explain the hard effort I had for Adsense approval which may help you getting your Adsense account approved too. There is no Adsense eligibility test tool, you have to determine if your site is compatible or not.

What is Adsense and why you will monetize with Adsense

Adsense is the largest advertising network managed by Google. Publishers earns more revenue from Adsense. There are few type of Adsense accounts such as Adsense for hosted accounts such as YouTube, BlogSpot blogs etc and for self hosted site. Today I will write about how to get an Adsense account approved for your own website or how you can upgrade your Adsense account.

Give importance on the Adsense policy

Adsense has few policies before you can show Adsense ads on your website. Please flow the policies mentioned on their website. Here I will summarize again for your help.

For Adsense account you should be 18 years old at least. You will need a top level domain before you can apply. Your website’s age should be at least 6 months if you are a non native English. Your website’s content should comply with Adsense policy. Your content should not contain pornography or adult contents, hate speech, abusive contents, copyrighted materials, hacking and cracking tutorials, abusive products such as drugs, alcohols etc. Please follow this AdSense program policies carefully and read all the sections there.

The finals Efforts to Make your site Adsense compatible

In this step I will break the contents in few paragraphs for your better understanding. Sections include copy righted materials, incomplete site or insufficient contents, content guide and mandatory pages.

Avoid the big issue copyrighted materials for Adsense

In the most times you have applied for a account, you was rejected probably for copyrighted material issue. To avoid this issue write quality and original contents yourself. Do not copy articles from elsewhere. Avoid using images from here and there such as from Google Search result. It is always better not to use images. If you need to use image then create it yourself or collect from sources those allow you to use the images commercially.

Avoid the Insufficient content and incomplete site issue

Before you apply for an account you should finish your site completely. Do not hurry up submitting your site before your site get complete design and view and get some contents. Add sufficient text on each page. Each page should contain 500+ words. if you use any CMS such as WordPress make sure you have at least two posts on each category and tags. Do not keep any URL with few contents or blank.

Content guidelines For Adsense

Content is the king for a website. Write high quality articles with sufficient text covering 500-1000 words for each articles. Post 30-40 posts and pages following this guideline. Websites mostly use images, videos and flash will get no values. If your website does not contain sufficient texts, it will get rejected easily. Create usefull contents for your users, not for the search engines and crawlers.

Your website should be clutter free and easy for users. Make nice navigation so that users can easily move between posts and pages in your website. Design your website in way so that it looks nice and your website loads faster.

Your Website should contain few mandatory pages

Your website should contain About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Cookie Policy, Copyright Policy, Disclaimer pages. These should be placed on visible place on your website so that users can find these easily. You may check the pages on this website to get an idea.

About us page

The about us page should describe who you are and how your website help people. Clearly describe your biography, name, present and permanent address etc.

Contact us page

Make a contact us page and describe how people can contact you if necessary. Embed a contact form and write your social profiles too.

Add a privacy policy page

Your website should contain a privacy policy page. Properly describe what type of data you collect from your users and how you use the collected data.

Add Cookie policy

Add cookie policy in your website and you should notify your users about the cookie policy on their first visit.

Add Copyright Policy page

In this page describe your content copyright, how you obtain contents and use them and how can someone contact you if copyrighted content has been found in your website.

Add Disclaimer page

Clarify about your website and let users know who are liable for any damage or loss.

We have finished adding contents, designing our site, optimizing for page speed. Now we will submit our application for approval. Before we will submit our site we need to check something. First of all generate a sitemap for your website and if possible place a link to your sitemap publicly. Submit your website to Google webmaster tools and verify. Properly install Google analytics on your site. Remove other company ads if you had added earlier. Now we are ready to go! Submit your application to the Adsense review team, implement test ads on the post and pages where you get visits. Wait few days and you will get positive reply from Google.

How can you improve further?

Clearly to say, this website also was not success on first time. Read the reply email carefully and make improvements on the mentioned reason from Google. There are few myth that people from Asia do not get Adsense account. It is not true. Google do not count your Alexa rank, daily visitors, page rank etc. The only thing they know is compatibility and policy. They always try to expand their business, they have no enmity with you.