How to avoid Fake dating websites and profiles kills your time

This post was last revised & updated on August 13th, 2016 at 10:13 PM

Online dating has become much popular among all the ages of people but you should be aware of fake dating websites and profiles. Fake dating sites kill your valuable time and they are for nothing but generating money for them self.

What are the fake dating sites and profiles?

You may get dating site by searching with search engines or from some online advertisement. Most of the dating sites looks appealing. There are many types of dating site such social dating sites, community dating sites. There are some adult dating sites such as men seeking women, women seeking men, cougar dating, older man looking younger women, older women seeking younger men etc. But trust me most of this dating sites are bogus and waste of your money.

How to identify a fake dating website?

You can easily identify a fake dating website. When you will land on the dating site their robots will send you messages and will make you their registered user. After that you you will begin receiving message from fake robots. Unfortunately you will need money to see the messages and reply them. How funny ! Normally women do not send message so fast and at this huge amount. All this are robots. They simply reply they will talk you later. Try to test them with some basic questions and they will reply somethings else regardless your query. There are some intelligent robots those reply exactly with your query. They have some preset parameters. So you can test those too to identify easily. Moreover you will get message from your local users but they do not understand your local language. What is the bullshit !

There are some other third party robots on the dating sites who are not from that specific site robots. They will ask you to visit another dating site to see her or will ask you to email them. Later on they will email you with some amazing offer such as you will get few million or billion dollars and you need to process that. For processing that you need money. Hello ! If you do so you will loss your money !

If you really want to be success in online dating try reading my next post how to be success in online dating. The steps are time consuming but you will really get a nice dating. Do not waste your time in fake sites. The girls and women on the webcam are using fake webcam to broadcast. There are some video packages available to broadcast on dating sites via fake webcam. Fake webcam is a type of software that play videos from the computer but do not show the user. Fake webcams are used in dating sites, Skype, Facebook and anywhere in a video call fake webcam may be used.