How to block annoying phone calls and SMS effectively for free

We use mobile phone for communication but sometimes we get bored from annoying calls and SMS. In this article I will explain how you can block annoying phone calls and SMS effectively with different options. If you have an Android phone then this article is exactly for you. People who use other platforms, may try similar solutions.

Blacklist plus is an android app to block calls and SMS in different ways

There may be built in call and SMS blocking features in many mobile phones but they have limited functions. Also different mobile operators also offer call block features. Mobile companies charge for the call block service and also there are limitation in features. Personally I use Black list plus on my android phone and I will explain how you will find this helpful for you.

Blacklist plus is a free call blocking apps for android but it works like a premium app. Simply browse play store and search for “Blacklist plus”. Download the app and install on your device.

How to use Blacklist plus

Blacklist plus offers wide variety of options. Open the app and you will find three main tabs- Blacklist, Log and settings.

From the Blacklist tab you can add blacklist and white list numbers. On the bottom you will get blocking mode from where you can pick any options available there. Options available are- Blacklist, All except white list, All except contacts, All numbers and Disable. Selecting Blacklist will only block the numbers from blacklist. All except white list is sometime helpful. It will blocks all numbers except the white list. If you are busy and getting too many annoying calls you may try this option. All except contact is similar of All except white list. It will block all the numbers not saved on your phone-book. Try blocking all numbers when you need some relax for few hours. You can add numbers to blacklist and white list from several options such as From call log, From contacts, From message log, Manually (number), manually (text) and Begins with.

The second tab is Log where a statistics of blocks are kept. You can delete, call and send message from the log.

The third tab is Settings. Here you will find more options to configure. Again you will get blocking mode here. Below this option there is blocking method. There are two types of blocking method- Hang up and mute. Hang up will reject the call and other party will see number busy every times they will call you. Mute option will not reject the calls but it will not ring your phone if the caller is blacklisted. The next option is Block options. Here you can put tick marks on block calls, block SMS and block private numbers. Sometimes people try to call hiding there caller identity (private number).

Others options on the settings tab are Privacy (ask password on startup) and notifications (show status bar icon, show notification). Putting tick mark on show status mark icon will indicate if the app is running or not and putting tick mark on show notification will notify you about blocked call and SMS.