How to create fake SMS instead of using Bulk SMS

Fake SMS generator, fake SMS apps and Fake SMS may be available but in this article I will write about creating a fake SMS yourself easily with any extra apps. The purpose of this article is only for having fun with friends and sometimes for your official uses if you have lost your SMS accidentally. I do not recommend this to try in abusive purposes and cheating.

Purpose of creating fake SMS

You may create fake SMS for different purposes. First of all let’s say you have a SMS from Railway, Airlines, Tickets and appointment confirmation but you have lost your SMS somehow such as accidental deletion, SMS was on the SIM card or phone and the SIM card or the phone which damaged or stolen by somehow. You need to show the SMS as your evidence. To get the SMS in your phone again some services will resend the confirmation SMS and some will not at all. In this case you may think about using a bulk SMS service. This article will help you creating the SMS yourself without spending any extra money.

Secondly you want to make your friends surprised or want to make your girl friend or boyfriend feel jealous. Suppose you want to show your friends or girlfriend that another girl named “Tina” has sent you SMS. In this phenomenon you may try this tricks.

The third case in which you may try this tricks is fantasy. Suppose you dream the super hot actress Sunny Leone and you want to show your friends that you are a great follower of her. So she has sent SMS to her followers on a special day.

When not to use fake SMS

You should not use fake SMS to fraud, cheat or blackmail someone because you may be a victim of law. Officials may file case against you if no SMS was sent from their end and personal senders too because they are aware of sending SMS.

What do you need to generate fake SMS?

You will need a 3G USB modem or a dongle modem where a SIM card can be inserted and the modem support SMS features. In addition you will need a computer or laptop and a notepad program installed on your device.

Let us start generating the SMS

First of all run the modem application and go to the SMS (messaging). Select any messages from there and right click on that. You will get a option to export the SMS. Save the exported SMS in your local disk. Now try to remember or manage a similar message from someone or from your printed file, email receipt etc if it is a official SMS I have mentioned on the first case as Railways, airways etc. If you want to try for two other cases I have mentioned above then it is not required.

Now locate the exported text file and open in the notepad program. You will see a long line. Do not break the line. Just find there the elements we need to change. There is SmsNumber and below this you will see the number or a masked sender name. Just change this to your desired number or name. For example there is “Internet” and change it to “Tina”. Then the next option is time like this “Tue Aug 9 19:23:17 2016” change this to your desired date and time. Then the final option is message like “blah blah blah”, change this to your desired text such as “hello Shamim, I am always yours !”. Now save the text file.

Now again go to the messaging option of your modem application and right click anywhere on the SMS field. You will get option to import SMS from text file. Now import the generated fake SMS ! Okay the job is done !

Watch video to generate Fake SMS