Free proxy service to bypass blocked and restricted site

Free proxy can be used to bypass the blocked sites and get access into them. In this article I will write about few free proxy service you may try to unblock and get access in few restricted sites.

Different websites block some specific region to access their website. For example Indian Visa server for Bangladesh block most of the region except specific Bangladeshi network IP and Indian real IP network during the appointment release time. I am confused about real IP but I have heard a lot about real IP and dedicated real IP. Every network has IP address and websites use the IP address to detect your region. On the other hand few country and government block some specific websites in their county network. So people get connection timeout or unable to connect while try to browse the site. It does not mean that the website is down or unavailable. It is only in your region either by the websites or by the government. They are live somewhere else. You may try using a website live testing tool. So, you need a server timeout solution.

Free proxy service for server timeout solution or bypassing blocked site

Proxy is a one type of network that route data transmit through their network and then serve you. More clearly to say- when you request a page it go to the proxy, the proxy request the page from web servers and then the proxy return the contents in your browser. There are two types of proxy. HTTP/HTTPS and socks4/socks5. Proxies are also categorized as TRANSPARENT PROXIES (your own IP can be detected), ANONYMOUS PROXIES (Your real IP will be hidden) and ELITE PROXIES ( this one is highly anonymous). They are also called as level 3, level 2 and level 3 proxy respectively. Though there are some cheap and trial proxy service you may try some good free proxy IP. They are available in many websites with the proxy IP and port, connection speed, ping, proxy up time etc.

Some good resource for free proxy

First of all I will mention about Gather proxy. You may find proxy by country, by port, and socks proxy by country. In this website a good number of working proxies can be found. You may get country specific large list of proxies there.

Secondly I will mention about Proxynova. Proxynova has a list of high volume proxies around the world.

Thirdly, I will mention about Hidemyass proxy list. They have few proxy listed there but they are working. You may sort them by country, anonymity, proxy type etc.

How to use a proxy in your device

Proxies can be configured in your device by several ways. First of all if you want to use it on a specific browser than you may go to the settings option of the browser. For example in Mozilla Firefox go to options >> Advanced >> Network >> Connection (Click on the Settings) >> Select manual proxy configuration. There are few input box. Depending on the proxy type the input box differ. Put the proxy IP and port there. If you are confused then you may put a mark on “Use this proxy server for all protocol”.

Secondly if you want to use proxy for all network communication then you may go to Internet options of your device and input the data there. But do to forget to select “Use system proxy settings” on the browsers.

Thirdly a proxy configuration app or tool can help you. You may download PROXIFIER and configure it. There are some Add-on for Mozilla Firefox and chrome may help you managing proxies. You may set multiple proxies and easily between them. LocaProxy Toolbar and Proxy Switcher are two good add-on to manage and change proxies.

Free proxy Add-ons

There are few proxy Add-ons you may install in your browser and select a region on the fly. Zenmate and Hola is a two example of Good browser extension you may try.

Warning for using a free proxy service

Using free proxy you may be a peer for other users. It mean other users on the other end of the world may use your network to access restricted site. There is also a risk of transmitted data. Proxy network may read and steal your data. So, you should not use free proxy for personal accounts, communication, banking etc. Free proxy is not safe and you may loss sometimes because everyone in the world is after some benefits, so what is the reason they serve you free?