Master card for online purchase, get a free card and instant

Why a master card required today?

The master card is the most required financial wallet in today’s world. We need to purchase and pay online. But there is still some countries and regions in the world where getting master card is not easy and also cost high charges. For example, in my country Bangladesh, general people cannot obtain a credit/master/visa card. Only organizations, rich persons get visa and master card here and pay high charges. Sometimes this card holders suffer in different transaction limits.

Source of Free master card

So, if you are from Bangladesh and refines those are similar to this article’s description the rest of this article will help you get a visa/master card instantly without paying any charge for the card, no monthly charge and also there are no transaction charges. So, you are going to have a Master/Visa card totally free and those are accepted worldwide! Neteller is the ultimate solution for you.

Steps to get your master card

Neteller is the most popular payment gateway like other gateways such as PayPal, Skrill etc. You can simply go to Neteller website and join for free. Provide the required information on the sign up page and complete your profile. After completing your profile get your account deposited by $14. I will explain how you will deposit into your Neteller account on later steps. Once your deposit is complete you may verify your account easily. It usually takes 30 Minutes to 24 Hours. Mine was just less than 30 minutes.

You may verify your account, simply submitting your national ID card, passport, driving license. Any one of this will okay. Neteller account verification will help you get more facilities and higher transaction limits.

After your account is verified and you have balance in your account go to your account page and there you will get option for Net+ cards. Neteller provides 3 types of card. I will suggest you Net+ virtual cards. Getting Net+ virtual cards are instant and there is no charge for the first card and next cards cost is 2 Euro. There is no additional, hidden or monthly charge for it. Now you can use this card in online purchases, in card verification purposes, etc. You will get everything and statements in your Neteller account. Real plastic card charges high in Neteller for ATM and POS transactions. The other type of card you may also try is a Net+ virtual gift card. You can provide a virtual Master card to your friends and family too!

Add funds to your master card

There are numerous option in Neteller to add funds. For the first time and the easy way find someone near you who use Neteller or Skrill. You may pay them locally and have the fund transferred to your account. You may also check their other fund adding options. Your Neteller account and card uses the same funds. You may control the use of funds when creating a card.

More alternative master cards

There are some alternatives, but they region specific. As, for example PayPal provide credit cards for free, but Bangladesh is not listed with PayPal. Skrill provide Skrill card in Europe countries. Piazza also provide visa cards.

The more global and cheap Debit master card provider is Payoneer. I will explain about Payoneer and it is useful for you.

Payoneer is the global payment network. You can pay and get paid through Payoneer worldwide. It is most useful for freelancers, bloggers and online earner. Payoneer provides a real plastic debit master card in your home in 7-30 days by postal delivery after your application. You can go to Payoneer website and Signup, you will get your card soon. Activate your card and enjoy! . Charge in the Payoneer is not high, it’s cheap. You will get a $25 bonus if you sign up through an affiliate link: Get $25 Bonus on Payoneer.

Charges may get changed over time, so please check the charges from their website.