Embroidery digitizing and History and technology of it

Embroidery digitizing starts after the fashion of Embroidery

Embroidery digitizing is an art of decorating fiber. It is believed that embroidery and most other fiber and needlework arts were originated in the Orient and Middle East. At a time it was a sign of wealth. Much historical scenario is found embroidered onto a fabric such as Bayeux Tapestry; it is 331 feet long and was made in 1066.

History of Embroidery

History says that the embroidery was started in the Cro-Magnon days or 30,000 BC. In the 1800s, Joshua Heilmann improved the design of a hand embroidery machine. The discovery of the shuttle embroidery has influenced the industrial application of embroidery. It is an art that aware people to be more beautiful. Before the Second World War Switzerland and Germany were the leading embroidery machine manufacturers in the globe. Embroidery digitizing machines and software has been developed as technology developed too. To produce digitized embroidered patterns two components are required alternatively. In USA embroidery machines were imported from Plauen, Germany, to northern New Jersey’s Hudson County by Dr. Robert Reiner in 1903.

Present use Embroidery digitizing in business

Now embroidery digitizing has spread as a good business.  Advanced digitizing software is capable of turning an artwork or graphic into stitch files. To perform embroidery digitizing computer should compatible with digitizing software and hardware. A short description of this technology is given in the next paragraphs.

Digitizing software in Embroidery

Digitizing software is an important of the embroidery. You need to buy it. The trial version is free. You may download free digitizing software from //www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/freedesign.html for advanced Embroidery Designs. The software must be compatible with your computer. Again embroidery digitizing software must be compatible with the embroidery digitizing machine. If these two are not compatible then the machine will fail to the output of the software. You should design within the stitching frame dimensions. It will keep you free from broken stitches and broken needles. Sometimes extra hardware is required as for example reader-writer box. It is used in USB port. So before purchasing hardware and software, please check if you need any extra hardware. If you are an expert in networking then you can bypass reader-writer machine.

Digitizing by hands

If a person is very expert in visualization skills and perfect knowledge of shapes and colors then he is an expert embroidery digitizer. There are many online companies that provide online services. The dazzling designs you see everyday is the fruit of advanced technology and expert digitizers. Sometimes designs by hand may be great than the virtual one.

On the other hand complex and large digitization is not possible by hand, then automation is the only way. As for the example Logo embroidery on promotional apparels task is complex, is done by automation.

You may try it at home for your then professionally. You will get some embroidery digitizing video tutorials from embroidery tutorial . You may download some free sample embroidery design and fonts from the internet.

Business and organization use Embroidery digitizing for promotion

Embroidery digitizing technology has enhanced the business life. Every company now uses embroidery digitizing technology for their promotion and advertising purpose. It has been selected as a smart choice by companies, persons, sports organization and so on.