Facebook spy find who is spying after you using Facebook profile

Facebook spy has been a great problem for some people. It is most common among boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, younger or elders. A boyfriend or a girl friend want to test their partner by spying on Facebook. Similarly a husband or a wife to track the activity of their partner. If any younger girl or elder boy who want to start relationship may spy you. Sometimes they spy only for revealing the truth what you behave and what you say. It is no matter what is the purpose of spying but you can definitely identify them who they are.

In my previous article I have described how to detect a fake Facebook account. Please read that article to be ensure about a Fake Facebook account, the spy will use a fake Facebook account. In this article I will explain how you can detect a Facebook spy who is a familiar person of you. To be confirmed you need to first monitor some behavior of the spy.

Behavior or characteristics of a Facebook user that mark them as spy

A Facebook spy is usually after you and he or she may having some fun with that fake account, in addition he or she want to track you as they cheat their partner so they think the same for their partner. He or she will first make some mutual friends and then will send you a friend request. In some cases they have just created the accounts and have sent you friend request. So the spying accounts are newly created most of the time. So give a attention at their profile, friend list and posts. Sometimes it is few hours to few days they have created the account and just uploaded a profile picture. There may be old profiles but it is rare. Old profiles only spy when they are somehow involved in multiple relationship and you do not know their old ID.

When a person has doubt about you, he or she will open a account of opposite gender with you. If you do not accept them then they try to open a account of similar gender with you. They start messaging and take much care and ask too many query then a normal user you are friends with. They want to build a quick relationship and hurry up in communication. Their only purpose is only to care about you. So they will comment more, like more and message more.

Finally Find who is the person behind the Facebook spy

In the above paragraph we have learned about a possible Facebook spy. Now let us find out who is the hell ! To reveal the real identity of the spy find his or her user name. You may simply visit his or her profile and you will see like this on the address bar- facebook.com/usernameofthespy or facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009263xxxxxx . Here usernameofthespy or 100009263xxxxxx is the username of that profile. Now open a separate browser or logout from your profile and try to login in the Facebook. On the email or phone box you need to put the username or username@facebook.com. On the password filed put few characters as password. Now hit the login button and will get error message saying “wrong username or password, please try again or reset your password”. Click on the forgot password. In this stage Facebook will ask you to enter the username, phone number or email. Simply put the username you have fin earlier. Now the profile will return with a phone number like 01********40 or email like sh*****que@emaildomain.com. Facebook will ask in which method you want the password reset. Do not click the send button. If you click, he or she will get reset message and will be aware.

Assessing the spy

You have found the last digits of phone number or a email from the hint. Now check your contact list to find out the matching phone numbers and email ids with the hints. Now do the same method mentioned to login and reset password. From your tries a number or email will return the same profile. You are lucky because you have caught the spy !