Identify fake Facebook account to avoid them from communication

Facebook is one of the top social website and people pass their time with friends to share thoughts and to communicate between them on Facebook. There are some people who uses fake Facebook profiles for different purposes. The number of fake Facebook profiles are getting increased day by day. You may be tricked from the fake profiles and it is waste of your time. In this article I will explain how you will spot a fake Facebook account.

Fake profiles do not have sufficient photos

On the fake accounts there is a lack of sufficient photos. They post the same photo by cropping and rotating them. However they may collect sets of photos of someone else or of a model. In this case use Google image search to find out information about the photos. Google return results if the photo is of a model or the photo is being used in many Facebook profiles. In the both cases the account is definitely fake Facebook profile.

Check the username of the Facebook profile

Most of the time fake profile’s username do not match with their public name. So check their about section or on messenger list to find out their username. You may also find the username from the URL from address bar. It will look like this

Monitor their behavior

A fake user do not use their profile regularly. So try to check their timeline and post consistently. Also give a close attention to their post type and contents. Their about section and activity will differ. Find in which Facebook groups their and which pages they like. If you find something bad or adult then it is a Fake Facebook account. Check their friend list. If most of the friends are local then it may be real profile but if they have friends globally then it may be a fake profile. If they start liking and commenting your posts rapidly and daily and try to chat with you then it is a fake profile.