Indian Visa Appointment Release Time and Date update daily

Indian Visa all mission appointment date and time daily update

We update the time of appointment date release everyday. So please bookmark this page and check this page daily for good results. Today is 01 September, 2016 and appointment date and time will be as follows, according to our computer from which we have checked the time is given below.

Appointment dates available today

  • Chittagong Mission appointment date: 08/09/2016
  • Dhaka Mission appointment date: 08/09/2016
  • Rajshahi Mission appointment date: 11/09/2016

Appointment release time (Indian Visa Hit time): The actual time was 11:33:13 AM and we have fixed the following time to bypass the OTP (One time password) generated error message. You may need to wait extra 20 minutes after this time. It is recommended that you should continue the task randomly.

Appointment date release time today

  • Dhaka mission date release time: 11:33:14 AM
  • Chittagong mission date release time: 11:33:14 AM
  • Rajshahi mission date release time: 11:33:14 AM

Please reload this page by pressing F5 if you can not see the updated time. We use browser caching and server side caching. You may not get updated page if the page served from cached contents.

You should Note: If the Appointment Date falls to Friday and Saturday on the calendar and also in holidays, appointment will not available on the mentioned date. If we have not updated the time here, add 4 seconds for each day from the last updated time here. For your reference we have mentioned the date of update.

Why appointment release time is important for appointment date?

Indian Visa appointment date release time is important for confirming your appointment date (e-token). For Indian visa appointment date it is required that you need to book an e-token online at first. You will be able to submit application to the Indian visa mission once you have obtained the e-token. Due to too many competitors and visa server condition it is really hard to book your e-token. The tokens get empty just after few seconds to few minutes as soon as the tokens are released on the server.

So you have understood that you have no time to delay. As soon as soon the appointment time starts, you should start your competition too. It will better if you check the appointment release time from your computer for your Indian visa. It will be good because every computer’s clock differs 1-2 seconds behind or ahead. Check the video tutorial which will help you how to check Indian visa server time yourself from our YouTube channel (Webadventurous).

How we determine the time?

We browse the Indian visa website before the appointment time get closed for a given day (in the night) and continuously reload the appointment login page. When the page says “Appointment has not started”, we note down the time. Finally we add the minutes and seconds with the hour appointment date get started (last day/hour of opening on the time checking day).

The appointment release time is always correct?

Most of the time, it is correct. Unfortunately sometimes they change the opening hour upon a server update and on that day the time will not correct. But the opening hour is not random. it follows the same rule for 2 or 3 seasons of a year.

How many days to days to wait if appointment is booked today?

For Dhaka and Chittagong mission it is 7 days and for for Rajshahi mission it is 10 days to wait before you can submit your application on the respective mission.


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