Mozilla Firefox auto resend Confirmation automatically

Mozilla Firefox post data resend Confirmation solution

After searching a solution for Mozilla Firefox resend button escaping, I have got a frustration. Today, I will tell you how can you bypass the resend data warning by Mozilla Firefox browser.

Why Mozilla Firefox do not enable automatically resend data confirmation dialogue on settings

Re sending post data may cause the double action and you may be a victim of double payment for a single purchase. This post is helpful for people who are not performing a transaction but want to get rid from the resend warning again and again for a non accessible site. There are many busy websites where you need to reload the form data and click on resend. I will tell you how can you bypass this disgusting warning from Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox has clearly explained the reason to disable the function and do not allow other add-ons to do so. I have visited through the and but they have the same insisting. Before I can provide you the tricks you should know that you will not use credit card and payment.

The solution for resend confirmation

From some forum and Stackoverflow I have not found the solution. They simply told that changing a value on the about:config settings. It do not work. On refresh the page loss the post data, so what is the effect of refresh then? I have come out from this trouble using a Mozilla add-ons. Install the add-ons Auto confirm and play with the settings. It can handle any dialogue button such as ok, resend, cancel etc. Go to the options and add a rule. Give a name of your rule. Select dialogue type to Common dialog or General window.On the action define the action you want.

Resend Post data Mozilla Firefox
Resend Post data Mozilla Firefox

Want the reload totally automatic?

If a webpage get failed to load due to connection reset or server timeout problem you need to press F5 or reload button every time. For this there is another solution. For this you need to install another add-ons “Reload plus”. Download reload plus and on the settings set auto retry delay to 1 second. Now your page will reload until you are success getting the page. You will not bothered again pressing reload and clicking resend again and again.

If you only use the reload plus add-ons, you only need to confirm reload onetime only. But if you use in combination with Auto confirm mentioned above you have nothing to do. Just sit down and wait for the page.

Give your time and better understand the settings of Auto confirm and reload plus. Proper setting of this two add-ons will give you a amazing freedom and hassle free browsing. I want to warn you again please disable the add-ons before you perform transactions and banking. It is better to use a separate browser for your personal use and another for the boring sites with auto reload. You may try Google chrome for personal use or use similar browser of Mozilla such as ice dragon, play moon etc for automation and Mozilla Firefox as personal browser.