Get a free master card from Payoneer and free bonus

Get a free master card from Payoneer and free bonus

Payoneer is the global payment service and available for all over the world. It is good news for freelancers. You can get paid from any companies and persons in multiple currencies.

Comparing to other payment solutions Payoneer will charge you 50% less. Payoneer offers a free Debit master card for their account holders. You will get international transfer quickly in Payoneer. Either you are an E-commerce businessman, online advertiser, freelancer and a shopping gig it is the best solution for you. They have 3 Million users, they support in more than 200 countries and offer more than 150 currencies.

Payoneer provides a good support for the account holders. They have live chat, ticket and phone call support. They are reliable and comfortable. You can easily get a master card from them.

On your Payoneer account, you will have 3 international bank accounts. US payment service, UK payment service and EU payment service are the 3 virtual banks for you. These banks act as a local bank and you can get a local bank transfer from companies there.

You can withdraw money by two ways- by using your master card worldwide in any ATM where there is a master card logo on the ATM and in your local bank.

Users who will sign up through an affiliate link will get $25 bonus on their account. So here is a Payoneer affiliate link: Get $25 Bonus on Payoneer. You can also generate your affiliate link once you have an account and share with your friends and family. You will get your free card delivered to your address within 14- 30 days depending on your location.

Steps to get a Payoneer master card

Go to Payoneer and sign up by providing your correct information. You can provide your shipping address if you are located in another place rather than home there.

Payoneer will review your application and confirm you by an email. You will be able to login into your account track your master card status. A person gets only 1 master card from them.

Once you have received your card, go to your account and follow the letter the letter sent by them to activate your card. Your card is activated and you can use your account.

Usages of the master card

You can use your Mastercard unlimited. There are no transaction limits. You withdraw funds from ATM worldwide, pay in websites, add funds to PayPal, skill and any where there is an option of master card. You can also pay someone by sending money to another Payoneer account. From your account you will get card statement, so you can verify accounts using this card and bank account associated with your account.

How to get paid in Payoneer

Different companies now pay by Payoneer for example Up work, Fiverr. Add your account there and withdraw your money. Also as said above, you have 3 bank accounts; you can also get a local bank transfer without any fees for example Up Work and PayPal.

Go to your Payoneer account and find out the bank accounts details. Then put the bank account information in Up Work and PayPal, then make a withdrawal.

They also offer personal payment service. By this service anyone can pay you by using their credit cards for your business and freelance work. If you ask for a payment from your account, simply entering their email, then the clients will have more options to pay you.