Prisma Photo Effect on Android Phone and PhotoShop

What is Prisma photo effect?

Prisma photo effect is a type of photo effect applied on photos to make artistic photo. Prisma has gained a trend now on social media. It has come from from the prism. Prism is a type of glass that reflects lights and make separate colors. This also the same for Prisma photos, it add a nice effect on your photo. It will make you an artist. It will make your photos stunning with awesome artworks. This technology filters your image based on a preset effect parameters that convert your image into nice looking artwork. It uses an artificial technique to perform the conversion.

How to make a Prisma?

For i-phone users it is not necessary to describe it. This is an mobile app developed by Alexey Moiseenkov. This post is for those readers who do not have i-phones. This app is now officially live in the Google play store. It will add video and virtual reality soon. It’s development is still going on and it is a freeware.

If you have an android phone, you can now make your Prisma photo easily. Simply navigate to Google play store, the largest android apps platform and search prisma. Yes, there are bundle of apps for Prisma photo effects! Download the official Prisma photo effect app by Alexey Moiseenkov from the play store to your android phone and get started !. It has about 20 built effect from which you can select any effect you want. The developer is also adding more effects daily on the app.

How can I make a Prisma photo if I do not have either i-phone or android?

Do not be hopeless readers ! Here is not the end ! You have too many options in your hands. Here I will write about more ways to make your Prisma photo.

Use a website for Prisma photo

Yes, Many websites has made the web application to make a Prisma photo for you ! Simply go to websites and upload your photo to which you want to add Prisma photo and download the converted photo. It’s done! Here we can not suggest a specific website for you, we do not want make discrimination. It’s your own choice to find a better website.

Use social media to make a Prisma image

Check out in your social media apps and desktop version if they have implemented the Prisma photo API in their apps and website. For example Instagram has added Prisma picture effect. You can use social media implemented app to make effects on your photos.

Use Photoshop to make the effects

If you like Photoshop artwork then you can easily make the similar effects in your Photoshop Application. If you wait for few days and search it on Google, I think you will get a ready made Prisma effect filter template like the existing effects artistic, blur, glass etc.

How Prisma effects work?

For common Photoshop effects, generally layers are added over the existing photos but on Prisma it is totally different. It rebuild the image by working on different layers.