Proxy Server Refusing connection fix the problem of proxy settings

The proxy server is refusing connection is a error message often shown by the internet browsers. You may encounter this error message of proxy server refused connection while visiting webpages.

You may be wonder if you are not using a proxy service at all but it may occurs sometimes due to some reasons. If you are using a proxy service then you may experience the problem for some reasons. In this article I will explain the reasons and solution for refused proxy server connection.

Reason of the proxy server refusing connection and solution

If you are not using any proxy service but receiving the error message then the following reasons may interfere.

  • Recently you have used proxy and forgot about it
  • Recently you have used a VPN service. You have uninstalled the VPN or not but it may left settings in your device and browsers.
  • A software or tools may make changes in your network connection

To solve this issue please check your internet settings and proxy settings options in your device and remove the settings. Go to the browser’s internet settings options and from the proxy option (Advanced >> network >> proxy settings) remove manual proxy or select automatic or system proxy settings. Just select the no proxy option there. You may also need to check each network adapter configuration settings.

On the other hand if you are using proxy servers and your proxy server is refusing your connection then the problem might be following-

  1. You have put wrong IP or port mistakenly
  2. There is a space before the IP or port on your settings
  3. The proxy server is being used by multiple users and can not handle each person’s request. It mainly occurs for free proxy services available to public.
  4. There is a authentication problem if you are using a paid or subscription based proxy
  5. Your proxy setting tools such as Proxyfier has a wrong rules configured or not routing the settings properly. It happens if you use a proxy service that offer their client software configured with proxyfier.

You may solve the problem from each reason. First of all try to find out what is the best specific reason to troubleshot it. You may have done the wrong in the first and second reason I have mentioned. So try to double check your settings.

As I have mentioned the third reason of multiple users at a time for proxy Server Refusing connection, you can use a dedicated and paid proxy service. Alternatively you may choose another proxy or another site from where less people pick proxy servers. You may also continuously reload a page, for example this page on your browser tab to hold the proxy connection in your device so that other users can not get space to use the proxy. Ultimately they will see a proxy server is refusing connection alert instead of you.

For the fourth problem may try to follow the “how to use” guide on the proxy service provider website. You try resetting your credentials. If the problem still exist then contact your service provider.

For the fifth reason read the documentation provided by them and try to remove and reinstall the programs.