Ready Made Curtains: Shopping tips, cares and instructions

Why curtains are necessary?

Curtains not only prevent light, give privacy but also adorn your room with excellent looking. They also create a feeling in mind. It is a solution for peoples those looking to fit their own curtains. Ready-made curtains are easily available in the market and online store. There are numerous shops and you wants to get the best one. So you have to follow some tricks and go through this article to learn the tricks.

How to get the ready made curtains

Select an online shop that provides wide varieties of ready-made curtain and also preview. Some also take orders too. It is better to select an online store that assist customer to choose a right one. Some stores give free sample of fabrics, you may take this offer. It will help you to select right color and design as you can match this with your window, wall and furniture’s color. It is better for you to buy curtains made of best quality of materials and fabrics. It will make sure long lasting and proper utilization of your money. Just select a trusted and chief manufacturer and selling agent.

Choosing styles and heading is very important. So take a decision first which style and heading will satisfy you. A stylish curtain is very important to adorn your room.

Size and ratio of the curtains should be considered carefully

Curtains may be of different length and wide though the measure of your window is constant. A proper size selection may give an extra look and serve other purposes too. So first of all measure your windows. Now you have to take a decision. You may want to hang your curtain few inches upper or below of the sill then you have to perform plus minus calculation. It may be 0.5 inch upper of the sill or 5.5 inch below. If you want to hang it up to the floor then it will end just 0.5 inch above the floor. It makes a different look. You may also extend both sides in the wide direction. So it is best for you to measure between the two poles you want to host your curtain. Please keep in mind to add overlapping measure (about 1.25 inch) in wide.

Look for accessories

Many shops provide additional accessories such as tie backs, cushions, pelmets, bedspreads and scarves.

Taking care of your curtains and proper placement is important


It should be lined well. Proper lining increases the looking colors and patterns, prevent extreme from sunlight and prevent from cold weather. Hang it far away from the window pane to keep away it from condensation.

Cleaning the curtains

Please loose the draw-strings and remove hooks, heavy and other metallic parts. Perform dry clean for lined certain, not washing. Cotton lace can be washed by hand or by machine. For machine do not exceed 40°C. Nets and Voiles are suitable for hand wash.

Washable fabrics: Please clean your hand first and rinse 2-3 times. If you use power detergent then mix completely with water before adding the fabrics. Do not rub to wash them and do it softly. If you use machine then do not use overheat and spinning.