Speed Optimization For WordPress Site Page Speed Insights

Why Page Speed Optimization is important?

A website page speed optimization is very important for both great user engagement and SEO. Visitors hate slow website and if webpages take much time to load they will leave your site before they can see your site. Search engines such as Google give higher ranks to fast loading and optimized site.

How to identify the issues need to optimize?

There are some speed testing tools online to show the issues about your website speed performance. Among them Google has a developer tool Page Speed Insights . Page speed insights analyse the content of your webpage and give a score in the scale of 100. Score above 85 is fine. The more score you will gain the more optimized your site. Google page speed insight tool will show you the reasons and ways to solve the problems.

Common jobs to optimize a website before we discuss about specially WordPress

Most of the websites use images. We need to optimize our images. Images should not be large. A image should be scaled down because CSS property just only show the defined image size but it download the full image. To optimize a image we can use Photoshop program. Open the images in Photoshop and click save for web. You may choose between 5-10% quality, it will not harm the quality of a image but will reduce the file size. It is always better to use JPG image.

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

This one is another big warning from the page speed test. Try to load java-script and CSS files through the footer and load the Java Script asynchronously or defer. Adding async=”asynce” in script tag will load scripts asynchronously and defer=”defer” will defer the parsing of your java-script files.

Use leverage browser caching

Leverage browser caching save the files locally on the user’s device. It reduce the server bandwidth cost and serve the page more fast. You may also cache pages on server side. A cached page take less time to serve on browser.

Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS

You can reduce the file size by removing blank spaces and comments. If possible combine the codes. Combined file will reduce the HTTP request and it will make the website faster.

Enable compression

Compression will enable faster loading of webpages. Compressed files are reduced in size and could be downloaded more rapidly.

Reduce Server Response time

Your server should response quickly. Try to use a fast web hosting. Identify the problems that may cause server response delay. Reduce the server requests and database query. You may cache the database query too to improve performance of your web server.

Optimizing a WordPress site for Speed

Though WordPress is used widely, WordPress sites are slow due to the lack of experience among the theme and plugin developer. So choosing a right theme and choosing right plugins are great important for you. Many plugins do not load files through the footer and do not use wp_enqueue that is again against the optimizing plugins.

Clean Up WordPress database regularly

Database cleaning is important for WordPress site’s performance. Use a database cleaning plugin such as Advanced Database Cleaner. Use Plugins Garbage Collector to remove the unused files left by the plugins.

Cache the Database Query

WordPress database can be cached by DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin.

Remove query strings from static resources

Some optimizing plugins do this automatically but if the plugins do no do that, use a Remove query strings from static resources plugin or use code on the functions file of the WordPress theme.

Use a optimizing plugin

Depending on your site, optimizing plugin may be different because some plugins will break web pages. Here is few plugins you may give a try: JCH Optimize, Super Simple Speed, BWP minify etc. Using a optimizing plugin will instantly increase about 20% on speed optimization result.

Use a caching plugin

Though there are many renowned caching plugins such as W3 Total cache, Super cache etc I will suggest you Hyper cache, Gator cache etc because these plugins are simple to configure. Use Harrys Gravatar Cache plugin to cache the gravatars (comment author image). Using a caching plugin will add 10-15% score on Speed Optimization result.

Extra bolts and nuts you may try

Clean unused media files from the word-press site. Media Cleaner is a plugin you may try for this purpose. Use a image optimizer plugin for example Optimus.

We do not need every files loaded on every pages. Such as contact form style and script file, admin files. We can deregister the files and en-queue on the specific page. Have a nice time. I will explain the steps for Speed Optimization mentioned above breaking on few posts for each section later.