3 ways to install WordPress

How to install WordPress?

Are you serious to learn about “how to install WordPress”? WordPress can be installed in different ways depending on your experience level. WordPress is the most popular CMS based platform for publishing blogs and websites. Major websites in the web are built in WordPress. It can be maintained easily and you can post and manage comfortably with visual dashboard, you do not require coding experience.

WordPress server requirements

Before you start you should check the requirement of WordPress in your web hosting. Now let me show you three ways to install WordPress on your server. In different WordPress version, different requirement are asked to be full filled. Before you download a WordPress version check out the minimum required PHP version and others requirements. It is also important for different WP themes and plugins.

Install WordPress by hosting provider’s built it one click installer

Many hosting providers facilitate WordPress installation with the single click installation command. You may use that. Login to your hosting account (c-panel) and find out the script installer option. From there you will find find WordPress. From there prompt to install WordPress and follow the onscreen instructions. You should note down or keep records of your inputs in a text file. It will need later to login your WordPress website admin panel, from where you will make posts and customize your site.

Manually install WordPress in your hosting server

phpMyAdmin create database
phpMyAdmin create database


You can manually install WordPress on your hosting server. First of all log in to your C-panel and find out Database/PHP My admin/PHP (it differs hosting to hosting). You have to go to PHP my admin and need to create a new database. To create a new database, click on the add new database or similar things there and give a name to your database. Leave other options as default there. Now you have to take a decision about the database user. You may use your main hosting account username and password for the database or create new user for the database.

How to add a user to a database

To add a user into your new database go to PHP my admin area or skip if you are already there. Now click on add new user and you will get a page. Please put your database name and password and hit add new user below the fields. A new user has been added into user database. Now you have to grant permission for the user, you have just added. To set user privilege click on “Privileges” and check all the options available there. You must keep record of this user name and password value for later use in the config file.

Uploading WordPress files in your hosting server

Please go to download WordPress from WordPress Org and unzip the files. Now from your c-panel area find out FTP section and find the logins for FTP access to your hosting server. You may also add new FTP user account. Now you need a FTP client, you may download FileZilla and install it. Now login to your hosting server through FileZilla using FTP credentials. Upload the files in your server root directory or sub-directory, where you want to install WordPress. Some hosting support archive file upload and unzipping features. In this scenario you may upload your file more rapidly from file manager. You can update the domain pointer from domain central (c-panel).

Connecting WP installation with database

We have kept the record for database user credentials, now we will need the database information to make a working live WordPress Website. For this we need to modify the wp-config.php file with our database information. You may get help from wp-config-sample.php or you can directly modify it and rename it to wp-config.php . To modify the file we need notepad (default in windows operating system) or notepad++. WP config file is the main Word-Press file that establishes connection with the database. Database is the core of a WordPress Website.

Summery for manual installation

More simply: create a database, upload WordPress (unzipped) through FTP, browse yourdomain. com/wp-admin/ and follow the on screen instruction. If you are installing WordPress in a sub-directory than browse yoursite. com/ sub-directory/ wp-admin/ . You may also check WordPress installation guide from official WordPress site.

WordPress Installation by Third party Service

This one is a costly method, but you will have some extra benefits. Many hosting providers have WordPress package. You may choose one from there. If you want to hire someone, we will offer you a quality service in a competitive price. Please use our contact page to discuss and let us start your project.