Ways to Move WordPress site And Transfer website

There are different ways to move WordPress site easily. Sometimes we need to move WordPress sites between different hosts and domains. Also for developmental purpose, we need to clone or transfer, websites sub domain to root domain and root domain to sub domain.

Move WordPress sites using a plugin

This method is suitable for smaller websites with fewer posts and files. You need to install WordPress on your new host/domain and then a plugin on both old and new sites.

WP Clone by WP Academy is a Word-press plugin that easily clone, or move websites for you. Simply install this plugin and activate. Now create a backup copy on your site with this plugin from the admin area and then import that on the new host / domain. Off course, you will login first to your new site admin area to perform the import. You need to Follow the instructions from the plugin carefully.

Duplicator is another WordPress plugin that allows you to create backup copies and move your site between hosts and sub domains. It is a handy tool to migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another.

WordPress Move is also a WordPress site migration plugin. You can complete the task fully or partially by this plugin.

All-in-One WP Migration also do the same with few more additional facilities for you.

Moving WordPress Site Manually

Moving WordPress site manually need an experienced person in WordPress, database, hosting and c-panel and PHP. You should not do this if you have a little experience because you may damage your WordPress site. First of all login to the old c-panel and export the WordPress database associated with your site. Database contains the posts and settings of your site. Then download the files from file manager or via FTP from the old hosting server. If your new hosting server support zipped file to unzip then you can do it faster by uploading zipped files and then unzip them.

In the second step login to your new hosting panel and create a new database. Now import the database you have exported earlier into the new database. The database is the main heart and brain of a WordPress site. The database contains the posts, settings and contents. Now, go to wp_options table and make adjustment on the site URL and home page URL to fix the navigation bar links.

In the third step upload the files in the new hosting you have downloaded previously from old hosting. Now Open the WP-config PHP file (find in the root folder) in notepad and edit the database details and save. Without proper adjustment of WP config file your website will fail to connect with the database. Finally upload the modified config file and replace the old one. The site now should be similar to the older one now.

Manual method to migrate, copy or clone a WordPress site from one location to another is the best one and it is error free. Consider reading ways to install WordPress to better stand about the database handing.

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