Select WordPress theme wisely for better speed optimization and SEO

WordPress theme selection is important for your website

If you run website or blog in WordPress CMS, then you have to use a good WordPress theme. A nice WordPress theme can help you obtaining your goal.

What are are factors need to consider before choosing a theme?

Your blog or website need a nice looking with fine tuned functionalities and clear navigation so that your users can easily browse your website. Your website need to be appealing to the users and you will keep your users engaged in your website. Only a nice looking and functionalities do not keep your visitors engaged, your website must be clutter free and faster loading. Every themes does not do this for you. Without a greater engagements you will fail to reach your goal for example less conversion. Here I have outlined few consideration factors before you choose a WP theme.

Your theme should be light weight with more features

Your theme should be much lighter with less scripts and CSS still having the more features there. Themes use too many short codes and scripts, external fonts, styles will make your website slow. So try to avoid themes use font-awesome styles. Also try themes that uses optimized image with alt tags. A fast loading theme means fast loading website. Visitors feel comfort browsing a fast website as well as Google put values for your fast loading website.

Use well coded theme

Your theme should be well coded and optimized. Themes with well optimized HTML, CSS and Java scripts perform faster in the most browsers. Your theme should use the wp-enqueue function and should include wp_header and wp_footer on the header and footer respectively. Many plugins now offer to load scripts and CSS through the footer for better loading of your website. Without wp_footer function you can not load scripts and styles through the footer as well as optimizing plugins will fail to optimize your website.

Use themes that has built in SEO

Use a WordPress theme that has built in SEO features. Your theme should contain micro data format. Some themes use hard coded SEO title and description that is conflicting with SEO plugin, try to avaoid that. Theme should use alt tags for images. A theme with social media sharing would be a plus to avoid extra plugin. Also if there options to put extra scripts in the header and footer such as analytics and web master verification codes will be beneficial to avoid extra plugins. Extra plugins make websites slow.

Use a responsive and fluid layout theme

Your WordPress theme should be responsive and fluid layout. Fluid layout fits your webpage in all screen size. Most of the visitors are now from mobile devices. A responsive theme support mobile devices. Google give higher ranks to the mobile friendly pages. Selecting a responsive theme will help you avoiding extra plugins and effort to mobilize your webpages. A well defined and clear theme is important for mobile view as mobile browsers load slowly pages with huge java scripts and CSS styles.